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About Us

The Association was originally registered as a bargaining unit on March 19, 1969, under the name Canadian Utilities and Northland Utilities Employees’ Association. From October 1976 to June of 1998 we were called the Alberta Power Employees’ Association. In June of 1998, we changed our name to the Canadian Energy Workers Association. Our organization also changed its structure in March of 1999 to align with ATCO’s corporate changes. We now have Chapters within our Association and each member (depending on area of work) is represented within their Chapter.

Executive positions of CEWA Business Manager, CEWA Vice-President, and CEWA Secretary/Treasurer (three-year terms each) are elected by the membership at large. Each Chapter also has executive positions of President, Vice-President/Treasurer, and Communication Officer (two-year terms each) elected from their Chapter membership. A Director and Councillors provide support and representation in each district. The Director is elected from the members of each district while Councillors are appointed. The district council seats are two-year terms and structured so as to provide a one-year overlap of positions.

The employees of ATCO Electric are represented by Chapter 101 with districts: Bonnyville, Drumheller, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Grande Prairie, Head Office Construction, Lloydminster, Peace River, and Slave Lake. The employees of ATCO Power are represented by Chapter 102 with districts: Battle River, Sheerness and Calgary/Edmonton. Chapter 104 represents employees who work for Northland Utilities Limited in Hay River. Chapter 107 represents employees of Yukon Electrical in Whitehorse.

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