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District meetings are held twice per year or as required by business at hand. This is your opportunity to have your issues and opinion heard.

Each Chapter has approximately eight meetings scheduled per year. Matters from the district are brought to the table for discussion and possible resolution at these meetings. The meetings are organized and chaired by the President of the Chapter. The Executive Board consists of the CEWA Business Manager, CEWA Vice-President, CEWA Secretary/Treasurer, and the Presidents from each Chapter.

There are approximately eight Executive Board meetings held in Edmonton each year where matters regarding the business of the CEWA are considered and decided or resolved. These meetings are organized and chaired by the CEWA Business Manager.

The Association holds the Annual General Meeting and the Chapter General Meetings in Edmonton. All members are encouraged to attend as this is your opportunity to meet the Executive Officers, Office Staff, as well as members from other Chapters and districts. It also provides an opportunity to take an active part in, and gain first hand knowledge of, the affairs of the Association.


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